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About Us

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One World International is a leading multinational conglomerate.OWI Express is a dynamic company dedicated to bringing today's lifestyle-conscious cosumers the most superior travel and hospitality products & Service, as well as providing a unique opportunity to promote OWI Express through Independent Distributorships.
OWI's success reflects the creative,entrepreneurial spirit of a team led by resourceful managers who foucs on solid economic fundamentals and commitment to the success of its partners and satisfactions of its customres.

At OWI Express,we believe in the power of the individual,and encourange talents to flourish.As a highly motivated Multinational Express, OWI Express has been developing progressive strategies,which unrelentingly create a synergy for the whole Organization.

Our Turnkey Business System is the finest in the Industry which has been acclaimed and validated by Experts from around the globe.

The Pinnacle of Online Business Management

OWI Express in its true essence is an e-commerce based conglomerate which encompasses all aspects of business, using the internet as its modality.Hence,we provide products and services from across the globe to the customer, wherever he or she may be.Boundaries--geographical or political are merely part and parcel of the terrain we work on. the global village is actually the main dimension of our working environment in praactice.

From the very beginning,we have used the Internet to develop a sophisticated online sytem which allows our Distributors to manage their business from anywhere,at any time.From signing up logging on,to purchasing products and accessing numerous exclusive training and development tools,our website is,simply,one of the best of its kind in the world

And It Keeps Getting Better.....

A Rock-Solid Track Record

Because we're backed by a foolproof plan for wealth creation,our Distributors can rely on us for help in every area for establishing their business.We offer great support in every single market,and our training centers are always active with various professional Trainning Programmes and Events running24/7.

Network Marketing can be an amazing business opportunity,but it takes a lot of hard work,and we are dedicated, above all else,to support each and evey one of our distributors,from those just starting out,to the most experienced business leaders.

the most experienced business leaders

That is,and always has been,the OWI difference:our Commitment to people.

Our Team of Distributors

OWI's growing team of Independent Distributors is the key to its success.OWI Express equips each new distributor with all the tools necessary to achieve financial freedom.These tools include a customized websites,secure backoffice managemnt reports,downline genealogy reports,marketing tools,as well as collateral sales support materials such as videos business cards,brochures,point of sale dispaly,and e-mail demonastrations and presentations.