People:Your Business Building Resource

As one of the many ways we commit to providing the very best business-building resources for our Independent Representativess,OwI Express publishes a monthly eZine aptly titled'People'.

Create by a team of experts,the content and result of people have been helping our IRs build their business sustainable success from the onset of this year.

Published online and circulated to tens of thousands of IRs and OWI Express employees via email,people is all-encompassing in its outlook by offering not only business-building resources,but also tips on personal development and growth which of course in turn contributes to a thriving business and life.

In short,People is OWI's way of helping our IRs go from good to great.

What's Inside Each Month

Personal Development-self-improvement for a better you

Business Tools-everything you need to enhance your business

Products and Services-highlight from our eStore and redemption store

Network News-updates and reports from the world according to OWI Express

IR Feedback-giving IRs a place to voice their experiences,happiness,and concerns and so much more!